Pismo Beach Pier a Fun Stroll on Central Coast


Pismo Beach, Calif.-For beach lovers, there aren't many piers along the Highway 101 Central Coast stretch between Santa Barbara and Monterey. You can count them on one hand, in fact. But there's a real stand-out pier and happening place in San Luis Obispo County — Pismo Beach Pier. Located at the end of the busy main street called Pomeroy, there is free parking but it can sometimes be scarce and you might have to park a few blocks away, It's worth the time to explore and highly recommended.

Along the route, be sure to stop at Splash Cafe for award-winning clam chowder. Pismo Beach is named for the pismo clam, and it is only fitting you sample a bowl of steaming, hot, tasty clam chowder. There's usually a line formed around the door so plan to wait.

Just a short block further at the Pismo Beach Pier you can stroll, sit and watch the huge pelicans that land on the wooden railing, watch the surfers in the chilly waters, or try fishing. The pier concession rents rods by the hour or by the day, and sells a variety of bait. One lady caught a fish the other day and told everyone passing by, "This is the first fish I've ever caught!" She was so happy & proud. The 80-year old proved that when you seek new adventures age doesn't matter.

It's all great fun in a destination that features hotels on the sand. Go check it out!

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