Save those Pumpkins! Don’t Smash Them


Pictured is a delicious pumpkin bisque served outdoors at the Historic Stone House, Temecula Creek Inn (

A neighbor knocked on my door one November, asking if I still had any pumpkins from Halloween. I looked around and sure enough, my un-carved gem was sitting on the table. The neighbor said pumpkins are hard to buy in the store after Halloween is over– how much would I charge to sell her mine. In a neighborly gesture I gave it to her.

If you’re planning on making pumpkin soup in a half shell for Thanksgiving or in her case, using the pumpkin as a flower vase for a Thanksgiving table arrangement, don’t start looking for your pumpkins in November.

Here are some recipes for basic pumpkin bisque, curry flavored, chile-infused, rum flavored and a version that uses sherry for extra kick.

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