West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval, Half a Million Fans Expected to Show Up


What if you threw a party and nobody came? That’s not likely to happen in West Hollywood, and especially not on Halloween at the Carnaval! The most outrageous, one of a kind event that redefines partying, is a free Halloween costume party with bands, dancing, foods, and fun on October 31, 2011 from 6 to 11 p.m. At last year’s event the Rocky Horror Picture Show celebrated its 35th birthday by setting a Guinness record for most people to dance the Time Warp, just one of the zany events at the big Carnaval. It sets the stage for they type of ghoulish fun and theatrics you can expect.

There are a few simple rules: No kids, no nudity, no drunken displays of affection toward your fellow men. No pets. (We made those rules up, but they’re generally applicable). Actually, since it is a street party, kids and dogs can attend, but you’d be crazy to bring them as the costumes and crowds are quite adult-oriented–not appropriate for kids, and too scary for poor little pets who could be trampled on. -weho.org.

NOTE: San Francisco’s mega-exotica party which some say rivaled West Hollywood Carnaval, The Exotic, Erotic Ball, that ended its decades-long run in 2010, has regrouped as a new event in2011, Masquerotica. It is billed as a sinful soiree to be held October 22, 2011. Here’s more info: masquerotica.eventbrite.com

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