Halloween Kids Costumes and California Halloween Craze


Pictured are kids in Halloween attire–a little devil sucking a lollipop, triplets dressed alike as Ariel the Little Mermaid, Strawberry Shortcake, and a small Indian “brave”.

Despite economic gloom casting a spell on consumer confidence this year, America's darkest holiday continues to look bright for retailers. Over $6 billion is spent on Halloween costumes and attire, according to the research firm, IBISWorld. The Halloween craze is so strong, that when Disneyland increased its Halloween attractions during the past five years, attendance rose a whopping 40% in what is typically considered a shoulder season.

People are willing to spend money on Halloween celebrations because the expenses are modest in a yearly budget. And California is the top spending U.S. state for Halloween costumes and events, thanks to its population (by the numbers) and the Hollywood effect. Everybody is either a star, knows one, or wants to play a part, if only for one special holiday when anyone can shine with the best costume and act.

You don’t have to spend a ton of money to come home with the prize for best Halloween outfit. The off-the-shelf outfits general cost around $15 – 75. But making your personality and make up fit the persona is generally most effective in creating an impression for Halloween, and kids (the cutest subjects) present special challenges and unique opportunities because of their size, shapes, and personalities. Adults have to make sure the costumes for kids don’t make children fall nor obscure their vision. They also are advised to keep the colors bright and visible for night time trick or treat adventures.

Have fun with the little monsters and grab those great pictures! The memories and are timeless.


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