The Nutcracker Ballet is a Sensual Feast, When Done Right!


Blame The Nutcracker for the billions of dollars spent on ballet lessons for kids around the globe. When a child sees his or her first Nutcracker, something grabs that kid into wanting to be on stage, performing gracefully under the lights in an event that seems magical and almost surreal.

In 2011 there’s enough grab power to rock you, even if you are not a ballet fan, per se. The ever popular Great Russian Nutcracker produced by the traveling Moscow Ballet puts its best foot forward in five California cities from December 15 -19. Buellton, Cupertino, La Mirada, San Diego and Santa Rosa all are excited about playing host to this world class event. The Russians set the standard in ballet excellence with a global production and travel schedule that only the strongest, fittest dancers in the world could maintain.

Children treated to this performance will set their standards high and never look back after watching the best dancers in the world. But there are world class dancers in California, visiting guest artists and productions that reach new heights in excellence if you know where to look for them. Several we can recommend in 2011 include the Long Beach Ballet with its trademark flying sleigh and the only full symphony orchestra presentation in Southern California. It includes over 50 musicians and a children’s chorale so that audiences can see & hear The Nutcracker exactly as Tchaikovsky wrote it — with angelic young voices blending harmoniously with full symphony orchestra! Add to that the expertise of Disney designers, pyrotechnics, and artistic direction of David Wilcox and you are assured to be inspired and invigorated.

Some must-see California Nutcrackers include Ballet San Jose, Sacramento Ballet, San Francisco, Los Angeles and two excellent productions in San Diego.


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