Weekend Revelers Could See Rain, Snow – Let is Snow!


Is your glass half empty of rain, or is it half full of snow? California has been hit several weeks with mild rainstorms that seem to fall on weekends primarily, raining on your parade, perhaps. Here are the activities planned this weekend for California, part of the Calendar of Events:

  • Ski & snowboard: Rain is predicted for parts of California this weekend, and snow is definitely in the picture as South Lake Tahoe’s Heavenly Ski (skiheavenly.com) turns on the snow machines today in the biggest snow making operation on the West Coast! Bear Mountain (bearmountain.com) has one run open, its Expressway, though no snow is being made right now. Big Bear Lake is already making the white stuff and is open for biz at Snow Summit (snowsummit.com), and Mammoth Mountain (mammothmountain.com) is open today and is making snow, as well. Does it rain on their parade? NO! As a side note, if you want a white Christmas, you better book mountain vacations now before it’s too late!
  • Surfing & swiming: All along the coast if it rains, don’t go! Stay out of the Pacific Ocean for at least 24 hours after a rain.
  • Tree lighting ceremonies: Right now, hundreds of Tree Lighting Ceremonies are at stake, then come the parades! Held this week was San Jose’s Santana Row ceremony, one of the earliest tree lighting ceremonies on record, beating out Fashion Island in Newport Beach this weekend (the North beat the South once again)! Check our tree lighting ceremony schedule for individual cities to see if they cancel for rain. Most don’t, but some do.
  • Ice skate: Ice skating rinks have launched in San Francisco, San Jose, Santa Monica, San Francisco, Rancho Cordova and Los Angeles. You can still skate in the rain if it’s not too heavy. If it’s raining, check before going.
  • Auto Shows: Auto shows are launching in San Francisco and Los Angeles this weekend, an indoor activity to stay dry! These events will be held rain or shine. If you want something fun to do and don’t mind crowds, go to an auto show indoors.

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