When It Gets Cold – Head to California’s Desert!


They call them Snowbirds. They are the influx of travelers to California who come to stay for the winter. Cities such as Holtville, Calexico and Palm Springs welcome them each year with open arms and are glad to see them come. These are the escapees from colder climes such as Minnesota, Indiana and even New Jersey.

Today isn’t the perfect day to demonstrate why tourists and retirees would want to visit the California desert. It’s 66 degrees at Southern California beaches, and 61 -63 degrees in Death Valley to Palm Desert. Normally, however, the desert is a dry, beautiful 75 degrees during the winter days, making for a preferred escape.

In Palm Springs & Palm Desert (shown in the photo) the holiday experience is quite unique. While the desert floor is a dusty brown to red, and dotted with colorful, yellow flowers after those rare desert rains that come only a few times each year, you can be sunbathing poolside, playing the games in a casino, golfing at a pristine course, shopping Palm Canyon Drive or attending the famous Palm Springs Follies. But if it’s a little too hot, you hop aboard the Palms Springs Aerial Tramway to be in the San Jacinto mountains experiencing snow as you look down at the dry, warm valley below. What a fun thing to do!

This weekend you can have it all–the warm desert & frigid mountain top as Palm Springs Aerial Tramway hosts a Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony with actor and comedian Ronnie Schell who will be the Celebrity Tree Lighter. Palm Springs Aerial Tramway Annual Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony.  (888) 515-TRAM (760) 325-1391 pstramway.com

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