Wrigley Memorial on Catalina Island

Avalon, Calif.-If you don't know what to do in Southern California on a sunny day, hop aboard a catamaran and be on your way to Catalina Island for a the perfect day trip. The commercial cruises depart Long Beach, San Pedro, Newport Beach, Marina del Rey and Dana Point with the largest daily trip schedule found on Catalina Express in Long Beach.

One of the highlights to a visit to Avalon, the city where the boat takes you in approx. 1 hour, is the Wrigley Memorial in the Wrigley Botanical Gardens. You can get the by walking, or rent a golf cart for an hour or two (the easiest, fastest method) and enjoy walking up a hill, then climbing stairs to the top of the massive memorial structure to one of the best vistas on the island. Constructed to honor a gentleman who built a chewing gum empire but also owned the island at one time, today this memorial pays homage to the legacy of a someone who helped save the island from massive development, keeping it in a natural state for generations to visit and cherish.

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