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Bermuda Dunes is not one of the prominent destinations in the Palm Desert but was built around a golf course with the likes of Clark Gable owning a home in the Riverside County town decades ago.

Its neighboring Sun City, a rapidly growing area known for its sunshine, warm summer days and retirement value in house, plus Bermuda Dune's 9,0oo or so residents combine to make a population base of over 20,000.

The highlight and main attraction to Bermuda Dunes is Bermuda Dunes Golf Course, which opened around 50 years ago in 1962. Within five miles you can golf at nearly a dozen courses so to say that Bermuda Dunes is a golfer's paradise would be fairly accurate. The desert communities in Riverside County excel in one sport especially--golf. Bermuda Dunes is no exception!

Bermuda Dunes Airport is a small craft airport listed under the Palm Springs area.

If you're thinking of moving to an affordable area, Bermuda Dunes is worth checking out if you don't mind the summer heat. The average home prices are several hundred thousand less than the Pacific Coast housing an hour's distance from this inland city.

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