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Beautiful Moss Beach in San Mateo County is a community with James V. Fitzgerald Marine Reserve.You'll find the reserve where California Avenue meets Beach Street. Featured in the recent issue of National Geographic, the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve Park is about 40 minutes south of San Francisco.

This designated Marine Protected Area has rocky shores that provide kayaking opportunities and ocean sports, but also serves as an outdoor classroom at low tide, allowing visitors to explore and learn about the diversity of marine life. On any given day you'll likely see sea urchins, sea stars, harbor seals, various mollusks, and even the elusive red octopus.

Volunteer naturalists contribute thousands of hours to helping preserve the area, and teach the public about this natural resource. There's a visitor center and docent led programs you can read about if you are seeking a guided tour during your visit on this stretch of coast between San Francisco and Santa Cruz. See:

When you go, be sure to check out another attraction that makes little Moss Beach famous, the Moss Beach Distillery, a restaurant where The Blue Lady ghost resides. She was reportedly killed when walking along the beach below the restaurant. Listed as a California Point of Historical Interest, it was once called Frank's Place, and was a lively speak-easy during the Prohibition. Rum runners delivered barrels of hard liquor from boats that came in dark of the night from the Pacific Ocean to the beach. Runners brought the barrels up the hill to Frank's Place. Today the restaurant is one of the top spots to take pets and enjoy views on the pet-friendly outdoor patio. And you can still drink alcoholic beverages, guilt free!

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