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Thousand Oaks in Ventura County is named for the beautiful oak trees that grow in the region. Though many have disappeared, local regulations in some areas prescribe specific care and maintenance of oaks when you purchase property.

Thousand Oaks is a desirable area to live as its just far enough away from Los Angeles to feel like you've escaped, while still being within commute distance approx. 35 miles away. The Pacific Ocean is easily accessible though the main natural attraction is the Santa Monica mountains which contains a national recreation area for hiking, camping, etc.

To get to the beaches of Port Hueneme on the Ventura Coast, or better known Malibu and Santa Monica in Los Angeles County, you'll have to either take some windy mountain roads, or stick to major freeways like Highway 101, and find major beach access points that make the trips a breeze. In best of circumstances you can get to a beach in about 30 minutes by car.

With the Santa Monica mountains blocking the Pacific breezes, Thousand Oaks is dryer, warmer and less susceptible to overcast weather than they nearby coast. There actually can be a difference of 10 to 15 degrees between the two places on hot summer days. 

Thousand Oaks and neighboring Westlake Village are known for their schools and educational opportunities, family orientation, strong sense of community. Many report that getting to know their neighbors means learning about the latest film productions and other fascinating information from people who have jobs in the movie industry, recording and high-tech sectors.

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