Top 10 Temecula Tasty Temptations



An Insider's View of Some Favorite Eating & Drinking Places in California

Tom grew up in Temecula and has worked locally on a ranch, at a winery, in a resort and for a food distributor. That means the good-natured, well-rounded local knows just about everything there is to know about food in this beautiful tourist destination town. He was gracious enough to share his knowledge with us. Although there are other fine places to eat, here are some of Tom's Tasty Temecula Temptations:

1. THE SMOKEHOUSE AT PONTE, 35053 Rancho California Road
"Pumpkin Ravioli"

2. SWEET LUMPY'S (or "The Lump" as locals call it), 41915 3rd St., Old Town
"Award-Winning Baby Back Ribs" (smoked for more than 7 hours)

3. SOROS MEDITERRANEAN GRILL, 28464 Old Town Front St.
"Shish Kabob"

4. TEMECULA CREEK INN, 44501 Rainbow Canyon Road
"Mediterranean Lamb Pops Salad"

5. SOUTH COAST WINERY, 34843 Rancho California Road
"Golden Bear Cheese Paletto"

6. FRANCESCA'S, 31165 Temecula Parkway (Highway 79)
"Lasagne from a 100-year-old Recipe"

7. VINCE'S, 28145 Jefferson Ave.
"Spaghetti and Meatballs in Marinara Sauce"

8. THE GREAT OAK STEAKHOUSE, Pechanga, 45000 Pechanga Parkway
"Rib Eye" (From Black Angus Beef Raised On Their Ranch)

9. ROSA'S CANTINA, 28636 Old Town Front St. (#109)
"Rosa Rito Burrito" (Chicken)

10. BAILY'S, 28699 Old Town Front St."
"Chicken Schnitzel"


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