California Lighthouses


Oakland Harbor Lighthouse, California


1951 Embarcadero East, Embarcadero Cove Marina Oakland, CA 94606. Phone (510) 536-2050

The lighthouse was relocated from Oakland Harbor entrance. A large steel cylinder was constructed in front of the structure in 1966. Sold, and now privately owned, it has become Quinn's Lighthouse Restaurant. The Lantern room is installed on the Mark Abbott Memorial Lighthouse in Santa Cruz.

Originally built and located near the city of Oakland in Alameda County, the lighthouse was established in 1890. Oakland Harbor Lighthouse was First lit in 1903. The light is not currently operational. It was deactivated in 1966.

When built, foundations materials included concrete pilings and the construction materials included wood. The lighthouse is integral. The original optic was a Fifth Order Fresnel lens. The optic for the lighthouse has been removed.

The lighthouse does not include a modern tower and there is no existing sound signal building, though the original fog signal was a horn, originally a bell. Originally, the Lanternroom's 5th Order Fresnel lens produced a flashing white light every 5 seconds that could be seen for 14 miles. A giant 3,500 lb. fog bell was located on the porch and struck every 5 seconds during periods of fog. In 1918, the fog signal was changed from a bell to an air powered diaphone for a signal which sounded a 2 second blast every 15 seconds.

There are Keepers Quarters at this lighthouse constructed in 1903. It is currently used as a restaurant which is privately owned. The lighthouse is open to the public.

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