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Olinda Museum and Trail
4025 Santa Fe Road
Brea, CA
(714) 671-4447
Free admission

The park gates are open daily from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
To schedule a group visit or tour, call Sean Matlock at (714) 671-4447.

Take a walking tour to see the original Olinda Oil Well #1. Attractions at this museum include a once used field office, a jackline pump, a records vault, as well as new public restrooms. In the future, the park will also have a loop trail open to the public.

Olinda Oil Museum and Trail has preserved a vital part of local history by protecting a 12 acre historical park to recapture the sights, sounds, smells and the vital role Olinda played in the development of the area.

Olinda Oil Well #1 drilled in 1897, and more than 100 years later it's still pumping.

Jackline pump and its surrounding building. This pump was once the power source for multiple active wells.

The field office, which was headquarters of the Olinda oil operation. Highlights include the vault, warehouse and historical photos.

A records vault that stored explosives and company documents.

Growing exhibits in the field office and outside near Olinda Well #1, take visitors back in time to explore what life was like as an Olinda wildcatter.

Informative exhibits explain the natural and geologic history of
the area including how oil is created, located and drilled.

Embark on a Historic Walk at the Olinda Oil Trail, a two-mile moderate loop hiking trail with spectacular panoramic views of Orange County. The trail retraces the footsteps of early oil pioneers who settled in Olinda in search for black gold. Signs located at certain points along the trail take you back through history comparing what you see today with photos from the past. The City of Brea and California State Parks have formed a unique partnership to make the oil museum and trail available to the public. The historic park gives rangers access to the west side of Chino Hills State Park and, thus, rangers also patrol the City's park and utilize the field office as a base of operation for both parks.

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