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Redondo Beach Turns 120 in 2012

The museum is open to the public every Saturday and Sunday from 1pm to 4pm. You can get more Information at or give them a call at (310) 465-7489

Shown is a picture of the iconic and beloved Redondo Beach Pier ( at sunset.

By Chris MacDonald, News Columnist

Hundreds of people recently flocked to the beautiful Heritage Court area of Redondo Beach, where a Dominguez Park ceremony and antique car show were held to honor the city's 120th birthday. Residents reminisced about its fascinating history and toured the Historic Morrell House, built in 1906 in Craftsman-style, with Queen Anne detailing.

"It's always important to remember our history as we start to navigate and plan for our future," said Redondo Beach Mayor Mike Gin as he toured the house that's curated by former basketball legend Tike Tike Karavas, who played seven years against the Harlem Globetrotters.

In the Redondo Beach Historical Society Museum, located on Flagler Lane between 190th and Beryl Streets, you'll find pictures of local high school students who became famous, such as Demi Moore, Tom and Dick Smothers and Fred Claire plus all sorts of interesting memorabilia.

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