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Knott's Berry Farm Camp Snoopy

Knott's Berry Farm
8039 Beach Boulevard Buena Park, CA 90620
(714) 220-5200

Buena Park is home to the Knott's Berry Farm tradition of fried chicken dinners, thrill rides, a Western themed ghost town and several other entertainment venues such as Pirates Dinner Adventure and Medieval Times.

Located about 12 miles from the Pacific Ocean and beaches of Orange County, Buena Park itself runs along Beach Boulevard so you can drive directly to the beach from the city without getting lost.

Knott's Berry Farm Bumper Cars

Knott's Berry Farm Jail, Buena park, CA

Knott's Berry Farm Old Iowa School House

Knott;s Berry Farm and Snoopy - Camp Snoopy

Knott's Berry Farm Stage Coach Ride

Knott's Berry Farm Swing Ride, Buena park, CA

The city's main draw is Knott's Berry Farm, a fantastic theme park that was launched to provide entertainment while people came to eat the famous fried chicken dinners and boysenberry pie served by the Knott's restaurant. Walter Knott began adding things for people to do while they waited in line to dine. He loved the Old West and first introduced troughs where guests could pan for gold. He collected authentic gold rush town buildings and artifacts, and began building and entire ghost town near the restaurant. The interest grew, and so did the rides. Eventually branding itself in an alliance with Charles Schulz characters Snoopy, Peanuts, Lucy and the gang, Camp Snoopy for kids was added as a section of the growing theme park.

Around Halloween a scare theme provides one of the best scare experiences in the U.S. Tryouts for the scare characters are held each year and for those who participate, the event provides great excitement.

Knott's theme park also opens up a summer attraction, Soak City. This water park across the street from the amusement is filled with a wide range of slides and water rides. Brightly colored with primal colors such as red, blue and yellow, Soak City is usually open between Memorial Day in late may and some time in September.

Tourists who visit Disneyland in Anaheim approx. 15-20 minutes away by car, often like to visit Buena Park and Knott's Berry Farm, as well. Sometimes the teens don't get enough thrill at Disneyland and Knott's in Buena Park fits the bill with scary roller coasters, fast moving g-force style rides and even a cute, little Camp Snoopy for the toddlers and tiny tots.

Other attractions that make Buena Park worth a visit when coming to Disneyland is the popular Pirates Dinner Theater where and life-size ship sits center stage and guests interact throughout dinner with cast and crew, helping to fight battles between pirates and the good guys.

Another dinner theater in Buena Park that has been around much longer but is equally popular is the Medieval Times, a show with horses ridden by knights wearing Medieval costumes, and fighting mock battles, while guests munch on chicken and other foods.

Buena Park is located near popular Beach Boulevard that extends to the Pacific Ocean in Huntington Beach. From the city you can drive a fairly straight line on a street (usually 6-8 lanes) filled with stoplights and be at the beach in around 30 minutes.

The hotels in and around Buena Park tend to be budget hotels with lower rates than at the beach or Disneyland. Many tourists opt to stay in Buena Park one night to save a little money, and attend the theme park there. One hotel is connected to Knott's Berry Farm and requires simply walking across the parking lot to the access gate of the theme park.

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