3  Things to See in California Cities & Towns


If someone told you there are lots of things to see in California, you wouldn't disagree. Each city is filled with treasures and things to explore. Top 3 where a million or more people dwell: California has close to three million-plus cities—L.A., San Diego and San Jose.  In cities that size there are millions of things to see and attractions worth a look. However, we decided at SeeCalifornia.com to pick out our favorite three in various cities and towns around the state, part of our bucket list when we visit destinations.

3 to See in California

  • Anaheim: Disneyland- California Adventure, Downtown Disney,  Anaheim Convention Center
  • Angels Camp: Jumping Frog Jubilee, Calaveras Big Trees and Angels Camp Museum
  • Eureka: An historic millworks, a redwood forest and historic mansions
  • Huntington Beach: A pier, beaches, Main Street
  • Long Beach: Aquarium, Queen Mary and Pyramid are among the favorites.
  • Newport Beach: Piers, beaches and Balboa Island are three favorites in OC
  • Redondo Beach: A pier & harbor, beach and Riviera Village shopping district
  • Santa Cruz: The longest pier, a lighthouse and Beach Boardwalk are "Cruz" highlights 
  • Santa Rosa: A safari, a museum and a garden
  • San Pedro: Port district, Angels Gate, Cabrillo Aquarium
  • Seal Beach: A pier, a beach and Main Street
  • Westminster: Shopping malls, historical museum and a Vietnam Memorial are 3 to see.

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