Gondola Rides For Maximum Joy


Shown are passengers taking a post-holiday gondola ride with Gondola Getaway in Naples (Long Beach,) California.

There’s never a bad time to take a gondola ride in California, but there are times when the scenery literally sparkles and lights up the night. Pre-and-post holiday gondola tours are one such time where you get the added bonus of seeing thousands of lights artfully displayed in themes, such as the Griswold Christmas Vacation house we recently saw. Gondola rides in California are available all year long, but there’s only one time when you can see the lights. The excitement continues till around New Year’s Day or slightly longer, in some cases.

Gondola rides are offered in Oakland, Newport Beach, Coronado Island (San Diego), Redondo Beach and Long Beach. Pictured are gondoliers steering passengers through the canals of Naples in Long Beach on December 29. You can walk and see similar sights, but there’s something special about taking a gondola, especially in places that have Italian names and California climate. Note: If you miss the Christmas Lights Gondola, you’re not too early to book for Valentine’s Day, but do it fast! February 14, 2012 falls on a Tuesday. The weekend rides surrounding Valentine’s Day will be quite popular, too!

  • Long Beach – gondolagetawayinc.com
  • Newport Beach – gondolas.com
  • Huntington Beach Sunset Gondola – sunsetgondola.com
  • San Diego – gondolacompany.com
  • Oakland – gondolaservizio.com
  • Redondo Beach – gondolaamore.com

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