Peace, Love and Harmony California - Population: 18


The little unincorporated town of Harmony on California's Central Coast is a road stop worth checking out. Located just a few miles south of the intersection of Highway 46 and Highway 1 near Cambria, the town is somewhat of a tourist attraction, though dining and entertainment are limited. Old buildings once used in the dairy industry give this scenic spot its beauty and character. Harmony Dairy produced milk, cream and some of the finest butter and cheese in California.

Harmony was a favorite stop for celebrities of the Silent Movies era who came to see William Randolph Hearst at his nearby castle on the hill. Hearst bought fresh dairy products on his way to his ranch, and his guests such as Rudolf Valentino and Pola Negra stopped in Harmony on their way to visit his lavish estate- the antithesis to Harmony's modest digs.

Made up of historic buildings with a post office, wedding chapel, winery, pottery shop, glass maker and several crafters and artisans, the turn of the 20th century town of dairy farmers who did not get along helped shaped Harmony's future. Their ongoing feud culminated in a murder and then a truce. They named the town Harmony in 1907 to reflect their intention and commitment to begin getting along.

Harmony Cellars, 3255 Harmony Valley Road, Harmony, CA 805-927-1625 or 800-432-9239
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