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Cain's Crossing Renaissance Faire

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Cain's Crossing Renaissance Faire May 7 - 8, 2011
Sat. 10 - 6, Sun. 10-5 Cost: $12, Senior, kids $5, free under 5.

Auburn Regional Park
3770 Richardson Drive
Auburn, CA 95603

Cain's Crossing Renaissance Faire proceeds benefit Auburn Educational Foundation-- your merriment brings the joy of education to Auburn's children.

Auburn, Calif.--Cane's Crossing Renaissance Faire 5 years old in 2011. This replica of a merry olde English town in the late 1500's, invites you to become one of the townsfolk of Cain's Crossing. Encouraged to dress in period costumes, you will experience the jubilation upon the arrival of Queen Elizabeth. As she progresses through the area known as Cain's Crossing, guests can also explore the trade-route where peoples from countries near and far gather to offer food and drink and wares to the visitors who come to enjoy the merriment of this festive occasion. It is a weekend of song, dance, food and fun.

Enjoy a welcoming and educational day that celebrates a weekend in time from the reign of Queen Elizabeth I. Designed as a replica of a English town in the late1500's, Cain's Crossing is set along a trade route where peoples from countries near and far gather to offer food and drink and wares to the visitors who come to enjoy the merriment of this festive occasion.

A family friendly faire, Cain's Crossing is the perfect place to introduce children to culture and world history in a fun, interactive setting. It's also the perfect place for adults to enjoy music, fine food and merriment under shade trees at the entertainment stage or beer and wine garden.

Cain's Crossing Renaissance Faire takes place in the spring in California Gold Country in a lush landscape that captures the imagination. Dueling swordfighters in battle in the replica town circa 1592, create an exciting moment as guests watch, cheer and anticipate who will win. As you take on the persona of a Renaissance era citizen, you find yourself speaking differently and shaking loose from modern conveniences, becoming immersed in this other world.

Among the characters you are bound to encounter, you'll likely see buxom maidens, bellydancers of the Ottoman Empire, silver tongued scoundrels, dashing swordfighters and a magician. A partial list of entertainment featured in the past: fortune telling, Brunetta Blacksmithing demonstrations, Bubble Fairy, Castlewood Guild, Celtic Harp Music by Anne Roos, Celtic Lurchers, Children's craft area and face painting, Clan Galbraith's Falconry and arrow fletching, Danse Macabre Guild danse, Diamond Rose Academie d'Armes Sword fighting and tournaments, Golden Rod, Greenman, Fowl Tales Bob Gypsy Parrot Shows, Harvest Home Revelers Historical sword dances, Ha'Penny Consort, Heritage Harp Center, Histerical Sister, House of Payne, House of Swindon cooking, Live Oak Waldorf School dancers and singers, Merloch Silvermane Magician extraordinaire, Mystic Systers, storytelling, interactive plays, Privateers of the Dauntless, Queen's Falconer's Guild Queen's Court, Smith Family Singers, St. Ambrose Guild Queen's Court, St. Andrews Guild, St. George Guild, St. Matthews Guild Renaissance songs, St. Maximillian Guild Military drills and German life in the Renaissance, St. Sebastian Guild Archery lessons and competition, St. Valerius Troupe, Take Note Troupe Singing and short skits, The Method, Theme Actors Group Elizabethan "Sea Rovers" Scavenger Hunts, Tip the stilt walker‏ and Wicked Piper.

The event is a fundraiser for local programs and is operated as an educational opportunity and proceeds benefit locals projects and groups.

Cain's Crossing Renaissance Faire is in Auburn Regional Park, 3880 Richardson Dr. Auburn, CA (Hwy 80 to Hwy 49 to Dry Creek Rd to 3880 Richardson Dr.),

If you love the holidays in Gold Country, be sure to check out the annual Festival of Lights Christmas Parade that takes place in Auburn. There's also a hearty Oktoberfest, and a local fave, the Mandarin Festival, plus the Auburn Rodeo and Gold Country Fair. So much to do! That's Auburn!

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