Pictures of California Mammals - Horses, Pigs, Sheep, Deer

The animal kingdom is filled with a world of delight - click photos to see!

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From donkeys to mules and horses, pigs to bears and deer, you never know just what you'll see in California's wild animal kingdom. Some animals are in zoos, at fairs, and some are domestic pets or used for a ranch. Others you may just come across during your journeys.

Here are a few mammals we've seen in California:

California City Mule Deer Grazing Picture

Picture of Deer Grazing on shrubs at Pacific Grove Beaches

Picture of Donkeys at La Purisima Mission in Lompoc

Picture of Sheepherding Demonstration at Scottish Festival

Pictures of Sheep Grazing and Sheared Wool

Cowboy on Horse Herding Cattle Picture

Picture of Two Pigs Kissing at Centennial Farm, Costa Mesa, CA

Picture of Three Pigs Racing, Crowd Watching

Pig Racing Pictures California Pigs Are Adorable

Riding Horseback through Mustard Fields Picture

Horse Drawn Carriage at Balboa Village Newport Beach

Injured Animals Big Bear Lake Moonridge Zoo


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