Burlingame, CA Things to Do


Whether visiting or living in this California destination, there are many things to see and do. Here are attractions, activities and events of interest:


Burlingame California City Parks and Recreation Areas







Burlingame is sometimes overlooked but if you fly into San Francisco Airport like millions of people do annually, then you're arriving in Burlingame, believe it or not! Most visitors get whisked off to a vacation in San Francisco without sticking around Burlingame and learning about its great restaurants, hotels and attractions. It's too bad that you don't check them out because Burlingame really does offer lots of value, along with things to see and do.

Right outside the airport just five minutes away is a huge bay where hotels sit overlooking the San Francisco Airport runways. With year-round mild weather, tourists can run, jog, and walk along a waterfront path that constantly in use for travelers, local residents and workers taking lunch breaks.

Nearby cities offering attractions include San Mateo with a great museum for kids, and of course, the big city of San Francisco, where you can do and see practically anything you wish.

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