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California Food Festivals

Jan | Feb | Mar | Apr | May | June | Jul | Aug | Sep | Oct | Nov | Dec California has an astounding record in the world of food production. And it is only fitting that the state that feeds the nation and portions of the world should celebrate food and wine, that grows so abundantly here. Throughout the year there are hundreds (if not thousands) of food and wine celebrations in the Golden State, and the popularity of these events only seems to grow.

Types of food festivals include:

Fruit Festivals feature lemons, strawberries, apples, pears, etc.
Greek Food Festivals features Dolmathes, Souvlakia, Gyros
Food Recipe Festivals include Salsa Festival in Oxnard.
Oktoberfest festivals are held in September & October, celebrating German culture, foods, beverages and beer.
Beer Festivals are held year-round to celebrate a beverage that is exceptionally tasty with food.

Have you eaten your vegetables and fruits? California celebrates a variety of fruits and vegetables such as half a dozen tomato festivals, an equal number of strawberry festivals, several avocado festivals, tons of grape and wine festivals, olive fests, garlic, cherries, apples, pears, watermelon, pumpkins, corn, and so much more! Dates, pistachios and almonds all get their fair share of attention at California food festivals. Yum!

By month food festivals:

JANUARY - Wine festivals, expos and conventions steal the show in January's food event list.

FEBRUARY - Get healthy and happy at the Holtville Carrot Festival, for starters. Indio Date Festival and Riverside County Fair launch the fair season in California, as well as offering delicious date treats.

MARCH - Pinot Noir and Zinfandel are a few of the wines that help celebrate food and beverages in California in March.

APRIL - Asparagus, nuts and beer help ease the summer in with festivals in Stockton, Chico and San Francisco.

MAY - Raisins, strawberries and wine help celebrate May with food festivals in California that focus on community. Several "Taste Of" events help raise money for special causes and people.

JUNE - Cherries, chocolate, chili and wine help celebrate NOT the Days of Wine & Roses but the Days of Wine and Lavender. Yes, even lavender is used in food and is celebrated in California food festivals in June!

JULY - More hotdogs, beans and beer are consumed in California's July food events than nearly any time of year (except Super Bowl Sunday in Feb.) Brentwood's got corn, Santa Paula's got citrus, and Gilroy's got garlic at festivals in July celebrating California's love of food.

AUGUST - Do Californians do anything other than eat, drink and stomp? August events bring, beer, beer, more beer, and wine stomps to the food and beverage scene. Events with food themes include the Lemon Festival, Banana Festival and Tomato Festival, to name a few.

SEPTEMBER - Almonds, walnuts, candy and martinis offer some of the tasty treats that you can enjoy guilt free during California's September food festivals.

OCTOBER - Pumpkin, eggplant, cheese and that's an odd combo that offers a variety of foods to sample at food festivals held in October in California.

NOVEMBER - Pistachios, mandarins, apple butter and a bounty of wine are the gifts of the land that make dining, drinking and celebrating such a joy in November in California. We've not discovered a turkey festival to honor Thanksgiving, held this month, but there are some Turkey Trots.

DECEMBER - Tamales & Tea are the treasures that await in the winter months surrounding the holidays. A Dickens Festival at Cow Palace also serves up traditional British fare.


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