Dana & Larry's Top 10 Places to Eat in San Pedro

An Insider's View of Some Famous Places To Dine in California


Dana and Larry are a couple who really enjoy eating in San Pedro. And well they should, since their family roots run deep in the Port District area of the City of Los Angeles at the South End of Palos Verdes Peninsula.

In the 1540s, Spanish Ships operated off the coast of what became San Pedro. Larry grew up there and remained a resident for more than 41 years. His dad was a fisherman and Larry worked in the fish markets as well as at the famous port. His parents still live there as does his daughter and cousins. One of his aunts was so active in the community she has a street named after her.

Here's where it gets even more interesting.

Larry's parents and Dana's parents actually got married (one year apart) in the same Catholic Church. Dana's great-grandmother came from the South of France in the late 19th Century and established a Bakery at First Street and Pacific Ave. Her grandmother also worked there and her father was born in the beautiful town, site of the Cabrillo Marine Aquarium. 

Although there are many fine eateries in San Pedro, here are some places, Larry and Dana go for Delicious Dates:

1. GREEN ONION, 145 W. 6th St. (Old Downtown)
    "Red Salsa" 

2. THE GRINDER, 511 S. Harbor Blvd.
    "String Onion Rings"

3. J. TRANI'S, 584 W. 9th St. (Since 1925)

4. ANTE'S, 729 S. Ante Perkov Way (Authentic Croatian Cuisine)

5. PORTS O' CALL RESTAURANT, Berth 76 (Ports O' Call Village)
    "50-Item Salad Bar. Love the Fresh & Flavorful Caesar Salad"

6. BURRITO FACTORY, 1902 South Pacific Ave.
    "Beef & Potato Burrito with Ortega Chili"

7. PACIFIC DINER, 3821 South Pacific Ave.
    "John Wayne Special" (2 Eggs Atop Tortilla Cheese, Served With Spanish Sauce, 4 Sausage Links and Potatoes)

8. OMELETTE & WAFFLE SHOP, 1103 Gaffey St.
    "Every Kind of Omelette You Can Imagine & They'll Even Customize One For You"

    "Garlic Mashed Potatoes"

10. SENFUKU, 380 W. 6th St.
    "Tuma Sushi"

Here are some more Top 10 restaurants:

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