California Holiday Boat Parades


California Christmas and Holiday Boat Parades Directory

There are more than 20 holiday boat parades each Christmas season in California with the majority taking place in harbors accessing the Pacific Ocean. Other boat parades take place on lakes or the Delta in the Bay Area and northern California near Sacramento. Most parades last one or several hours, are free to watch and are sponsored by generous yacht clubs as a public service.

California Boat Parades Overview


Dana Point Harbor Christmas Boat Parade of Lights

Huntington Beach Christmas Boat Parade

Huntington  Harbour Cruise of Lights

Long Beach Boat Parade

Los Angeles - San Pedro Holiday Afloat Lighted Boat Parade

Marina del Rey  Christmas Boat Parade

Naples Boat Parade, Naples California in Long Beach

Newport Beach Christmas Boat Parade

Newport Beach Christmas Boat Parade Viewing

Oceanside Christmas Boat Parade

Redondo Beach King Harbor Christmas Boat Parade

San Diego Parade of Lights Christmas Boat Parade


Morro Bay, California Lighted Boat Parade

Oxnard Christmas Boat Parade of Lights

Santa Barbara California Christmas Boat Parade of Lights

Ventura Harbor Parade of Lights


From Monterey and the Bay Area to inland Sacramento with its rivers and delta, lighted Christmas boat parades in Northern California's cooler climate enjoy a warm reception and  enthusiasm.

Discovery Bay, California Christmas Boat Parade

Oakland Lighted Yacht Parade

Petaluma Holiday Lighted Boat Parade

San Francisco Fisherman's Wharf  Holiday Boat Parade

San Joaquin Yacht Club Lighted Boat Parade Bethel Island

San Mateo Holiday Lighted Boat Parade

Santa Cruz Harbor Lighted Boat Parade

Sausalito Lighted Boat Parade, California

Stockton Boat Parade

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