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California Top 10 "food joint" Restaurants

Food - You gotta' have it and eating it out is one of the most enjoyable ways to get it. People love their food, and if you ask, most will readily tell you what their favorite restaurants or food joints are. Getting their top 10 restaurants causes people to pause. They have to stop and think about it, because most people don't think about their restaurants with such definition. However, we put California diners to the test and to date have nailed down faves in a variety of cities. Take these with a grain of salt, knowing that it's all about taste and your taste buds may not agree.

Top 10 Food Joints Food Reviews

imgBalboa Island Top 10 Food Joints: Bab's Best Balboa Island and Newport Peninsula restaurants. These are mostly affordable bistros and cafes with foods that locals and tourists enjoy.

Downey TD's Top 10 Food Joints: When Greek restaurant owners pick out great dining, then you really need to listen. Maybe the food's not gourmet, but it is great for a reason, and Downey is all about traditions in food service.

imgsFullerton Bree's Top 10 Food Joints and Restaurants: Bree's love of food includes comfort foods with lots of Italian, American and home-made meals. Fullerton is her favorite place to eat and she loves the charm of its local cafes and the people who own them.

Huntington Beach Top 10 Food Joints: Savannah picks her meals like an HB local. She like sandwiches simple, meats fresh, servings hearty, and she usually wants it wrapped for take-out. Most of her selections hold up during the 15 minute trip home.

Long Beach Bud's Top 10 Joints: Bud is a guy who has eaten lots of meals all over the world. He's well seasoned in his travel but isn't really picky. He just knows what he likes. The options that stand out in his hometown are the A list of dozens of places he could recommend.

North Orange County Top 10 Food Joints: Ron tends toward the beach-close meals that offer seafood, steaks, BBQ and fish--all classics that you can smell drifting through the cool night air at a variety of restaurants where locals go and tourists follow.

Orange Top 10 Picks from Olivia: Doesn't the name "Orange" make you think of food? Olivia chooses her favorite Orange diners, soda fountains, cafes and bistros that provide variety, the spice of life! From Mexican to Continental, the dining is varied and enjoyable in Orange.

Sacramento 'California Travel Insider' Top 10 Food Joints: These choices come from a Traveler and Travel Writer who loves food! Her name is Barbara and she's all about the locals. She delves into the sources of the foods, the chefs, the cooks, and owners to get inside their heads and find out what inspires them. At the end of the day, however, you're getting sage advice from an expert.

San Jose Top 10 Food Joints: Sally is born and bred in San Jose, a city of around a million people who are known for eating out. Sally's one of the old-timers who remembers places that have come & gone, but she returns to the survivors, and supports their cause in a city that's ever changing.

San Pedro Top 10 Delicious Dates: Dana & Larry are San Pedrans through and through. .They grew up not far from each other, their parents still live in San Pedro, and they think nothing of taking a 30 minute drive to dine in their home town.

Temecula Top 10 Picks: Tom says Temecula dining can break your budget--and it's worth it. Fine chefs like to work at the winery restaurants, cafes and restaurants, and they offer superb catering menus. Add to that the casino's steakhouse, and you'll discover Temecula can be addictive.

Tustin Top 10 Food Joints: Raul hails from south of the border so his preferences in dining come from different cultural influences and his choice in restaurants are more authentic than the fast food Mexican restaurants you'll normally come across. He mostly doesn't eat at those places. He likes his food simple, sincere and hearty after a hard day's work!

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